Contact Information

10300 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL 33498
(561) 488-1373
fax (561) 488-5562

Office Hours:
9:00am – 4:30pm Mon. – Fri.

Mass Schedule

Monday – Friday 8:30am
Saturday Vigil 4:00pm
Sunday 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am

Sacrament of Penance
Saturday 3:15pm

(Any time on request)

Parish Giving


Living Waters Prayer Group . . .

We gather to give praise, thanks, honor and love to Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior. We pray weekly for the petitions of all members of the parish. It’s a time we gather to praise God as the Holy Spirit moves us. Please see our bulletin for futher information.

Ladies of St. John the Evangelis.

 Who are we?

We are women of all ages – single, married, divorced, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, religious, aunts and friends, all with diversified lives. Through membership we build lifelong friendships and business acquaintances with women of St. John’s parish family. We cordially extend an invitation to all women of St. John’s Parish to join us in this ministry.


Mission Statement

Our endeavor to build a community, St. John the Evangelist, Our Family.


When we meet

Meetings are the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.


Membership status


*come to monthly meetings and social activities

*participate in events as supporters, officers, and committee persons


*attend any meetings, social activities, and events


Annual dues

$15.00 per year for either active or inactive membership.


Membership Information – please call the Church Office (488-1373)


Our activities

Membership Tea

Thanksgiving Bake Sale

Pot Luck Christmas Party (members only)

Valentines Fashion Show

Palm Sunday Bake Sale

May Pot Luck Dinner (members only)


What we offer

* An atmosphere of spirituality, service, education, leadership and sociability.

* Programs, activities/events that educate, empower and uplift our members.

* Fund (“Fun”) raisers to assist the parish and community.

St. John’s Knights of Columbus . . .

Do you have a desire to lend a small portion of your time and a large amount of your talents to St. John’s for the benefit of our parish community? If so, then here is your opportunity.

Simply put, the Knights exist to support our parish. Whether we are raising funds, sponsoring our Boy Scout troop, lending a financial hand to a seminarian or maintaining the parish grounds, we do it all in a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation for all the good things we draw from St. John’s.

We meet every 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 P.M. in the parish center. You will meet a special group of men who take great pride in their charitable works. We are sure that once you join our ranks you will experience, as we all do, a level of satisfaction that can only can be realized when you are helping others.

Take the next step now and e-mail Ron Sawchuk, our Grand Knight, or call him at 477-0852.

Upcoming Events
November 14th, 1:00 – 5:00 PM        Parish Picnic

Council Awards

The council’s 2010 Scholarship Award was given to Neil Murtagh, shown here with GK Ron Sawchuk and Chaplain Father Michael O’Flaherty

We Sponsor Boy Scout Troop 306 . . .
Anyone wishing to help out, or anyone who knows of young men between 11 and 18 looking to become strong, well rounded adults can e-mail Joe Gallo.

Visit the Official Web Site
To visit the web site of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council, click here.

This article from KNIGHTLINE provides help on using the Supreme Council web site.


To view our most recent newsletter, click here.

Hospital Visits . . .

Please call the parish office at (561) 488-1373 if you or a family member are in the hospital or seriously ill at home. Fr. O’Flaherty will be happy to respond with a pastoral visit. Keep in mind that hospital offices do not call the church office. With respect to individual privacy, the caller must be a family member.

St. John’s Food Basket . . .

Help Us to Help Others

St John’s Food Basket invites you to minister to those in need, through your donation of non-perishable food and related items. Please consider making it a regular practice to bring a little something with you when you come to Church. We ask, too, for your help in identifying those in our local community, who may need assistance of this sort. We have no requirement regarding faith for recipients of our help, so the individuals you submit do not need to be Catholic. If you know of anyone requiring assistance, please call the parish office and leave a message for Debbie Lauda.

Boca Helping Hands

We partner with Boca Helping Hands, an interfaith organization involved in feeding the poor and hungry. We participate in the following ways:

We donate food from our pantry on a regular basis to their main facility.

We participate in their after school sandwich program each week. Every week you can find several of our members assembling sandwiches and delivering them to Veteran’s Park on Palmetto Park Rd, right here in Boca. This feeds hungry students in the after care program there.

Our History

Founded August 2001, we take our name from the miracle of five loaves and two fish, when Christ fed more than five thousand, with twelve basketsful left over.

Our Mission

St John’s Food Basket exists to serve those in our parish family and local community, who find themselves in need of food. Their need may stem from incapacity or illness, unexpected unemployment, minimal income in retirement, or any of a variety of other circumstances.

Ways to Participate

We invite members of the parish to join us as their schedule permits, in any of a variety of ways.

…Meetings are held at 6:45 PM on the second Thursday of the month in Room 4.

…Share from the abundance you have received from God. A collection box for non-perishable items is located in the vestibule at the main entrance. Please check the expiration date on all goods; we cannot distribute expired food.

…Your financial support is also welcome. Checks made out to St. John the Evangelist Church Food Basket may be dropped off at or mailed to the office at church.

In addition, poor boxes are set up at the entrance to the Church. All money collected in the poor boxes will go the the Food Basket Ministry.


Donations of Non-Perishable Items

The following items may be placed in the collection box in the vestibule at the main entrance:

* Canned spaghetti, pasta, macaroni
* Cereal
* Canned juice
* Flour, Sugar
* Canned milk
* Plastic Ziploc sandwich bags
* Canned soup
* Oil
* Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or ham
* Baby food, Baby formula, diapers
* Canned vegetables
* Peanut butter (CREAMY), jelly
* Pasta, rice or noodles
* Ensure (adult meal supplements)
* Pasta sauce
* Dried beans



Who to Contact

Please locate the following officers at church or call the church office to contact:

Debbie Lauda, President
Patricia Soletti, Vice President
Cathy Campbell, Treasurer
Susan Burns, Secretary

Clean Up Crew . . .


St. John’s Cleaning Crew is in urgent need of additional volunteers to help clean our Worship Area. If you can donate one or two hours of your time, just once a month, please call the Parish office at 488-1373.

St. John’s Bereavement Group

Our Bereavement Group will resume on October 5th, 2009. Please call the Parish office to find out more or sign up for the Bereavement Group

Altar Servers . . .

Click on this link, Current Altar Server Schedule, to view the September, 2011 Altar Server schedule.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.

Bible Study
We meet on Thursday evening from 7:30 to 9:00. This fall we will start a study of God’s plan of salvation as described in the Old Testament and how it prepared for and announced the coming of Christ, the Son of God. We will use The Bible Timeline from Ascension Press, featuring videotaped talks by Jeff Cavins.

More details will be posted here early in September.