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Bible Study – The Book of Acts of the Apostles

On September 11th we will start a study of the Book of Acts of the Apostles.   We are using Acts from Ascension Press, featuring videotaped talks by Jeff Cavins.  The first meeting on September 11th , a course Introduction talk, will start at 10:00 AM or 7:15 PM, depending on the session you select.

Read before starting: We should become familiar with the Book of Acts – Introduction from the New American Bible.  This introduction can be found just before Chapter 1 in your printed copy of the NAB bible or at the US Bishops web site

The course is best taken by reading the section of Acts being studied, during the week before the evening we meet.  The Study Questions from Ascension Press are very helpful in considering what we have read.

On Thursday we will review the Ascension Press Study Questions for approximately the first half hour of the session, and then view the talk by Jeff Cavins for the next hour.  After the talk there is time for some reflection on the talk.

Materials needed:

A bible, the New American Bible or an RSV Catholic Edition Bible with Apocrypha is recommended.  The New American Bible is available online, for free, from the US Catholic Bishops web site at  Either bible is available  on paper for $20 to $30, a paper bible is recommended.

Study Questions: The Ascension Press Study Questions can be ordered from Ascension Press for $29.95.

The Study Questions often refer to the sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by paragraph number.  The St. Charles Borromeo Church web site hosts the Catechism, with a view of the Table of Contents of the Catechism with Paragraph Numbers at, which makes finding these sections easier.


Schedule of Meetings:

Date Chapter of Acts
Session title from Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom
September 11th Introduction
September 18th 1 Prelude to Power
September 25th 2 The Power of Pentecost
October 2nd 3 The Miraculous Power of Jesus’ Name
October 9th 4:1-31 The Church Acts with Boldness
October 16th 4:32 – 5:42 Problems Within; Persecutions Without
October 23rd 6-7 The First Christian Martyr
October 30th 8 Kingdom Borders Expand
November 6th 9 The Persecutor Becomes the Preacher
November 13th 10 St. Peter’s Un-Kosher Picnic
November 20th 11-12 The Church in Antioch
December 4th 13-14 Paul’s First Missionary Journey
December 11th 15-16 The Jerusalem Council and Paul’s Second Journey
January 8th 17 Converts and Conflicts: Turning the World Upside Down
January 15th 18 Ministry in Corinth: Third Missionary Journey
January 22nd 19 Ministry in Ephesus
January 29th 20-21 Paul Heads for Jerusalem
February 12th 22-1-25.12 Paul Makes His Defense
February 19th 25:13-28:31 Paul’s Final Defense and Witness in Rome
February 26th Conclusion